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Academic conference "National security and crisis management"

9th Academic Conference "Security and crisis management"
“The Security Management on the local level”

Łódź, 18-19 September 2019


Conference Goals

The aim of the conference is to discuss and exchange experiences among the scientific community and practitioners of security and crisis management, derived from services, administration and business. The intention of this year's conference is to pay special attention to the problem of security management on the local level.

Thematic scope

  • security management on the local level;
    • security of local communities;
    • prevention programs in building the security of local communities;
    • crisis management and rescue;
    • protection of classified information;
    • civil-military cooperation;
    • preparations for militarization;
    • security policy, including the national security strategy of the Republic of Poland;
    • operational planning and defense programming
    • implementation of tasks for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and allied troops;
    • civil protection in the conditions of defense activities;
    • protection of cultural facilities that are particularly valuable for national heritage.